According to the 2009 Government Census Report, their population is 78,691.Okiek people have lineages, clans and social groups which are their main socio-political units. They are also governed by age-set systems which one becomes a member of depending on the time of circumcision. It is important to note that though women are also circumcised, they do not have a separate age-set system, they are associated to the male age-sets of their relatives. All the political and legal decisions of the community are done by the elders Majority of them are Christians with a certain percentage ascribing to traditional religion. Most of the Christians are Pentecostals who mainly fellowship in the Full Gospel and Covenant Church International. Those who follow traditional religion believe in a god (Torooret or Asista) who can bring misfortune to the community if he is wronged or forgotten.


Ksh 50,000 per month will support the salary cost of one translator

Ksh 55,000 will support a one-week consultant checking session

Ksh 70,000 will support the printing of a portion /book of the translated New Testament Scriptures

Ksh 90,000 will support community reviewers’ workshops

Ksh 60,000 will support the printing of the alphabet chart/literacy



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