Chonyi translation

This project is fairly new and it began in 2013. The Chonyi are one of the subtribes of the Mijikenda who are predominantly found in Kilifi County.

Chuka translation

The Chuka people are found in the eastern side of Mt. Kenya in Nithi District in the Eastern Province of Kenya. They are found in the areas between the Thuci and Nithi Rivers.

Daasanach Translation

The Daasanach are found around the area north of Lake Turkana in Marsabit County. Sometimes they are referred to as Merille. They are Cushites and they number 

Digo Translation

The Digo are mainly found in Kwale County in Kenya and Tanga in Tanzania. In Kenya, the Digo live mostly in dispersed family homesteads surrounded by cultivated fields

Duruma Translation

The Duruma predominantly live on the semi-arid plains, one mountain range inland from the seacoast of eastern Kenya in Kwale County. 

Giryama Translation

The Giryama, also called Giriama or Agiryama, are one of the nine coastal tribes known as Mijikenda. The Giryama are the largest of the Mijikenda tribes 

Ilchamus Translation

Ilchamus inhabit the area south and east of Lake Baringo in Baringo County. They are also known as Njemps, Jemps and En- jemusi. They are in two clans: Lekepeo

Marakwet Translation

The Endo - Marakwet numbering 120,000 people are one of the many languages forming the Kalenjin group. Many of the Endo people live on the face of an escarpment 

Lower Pokomo Translation

The Pokomo are an agricultural and fishing group who live in the flood plain of the Tana River from its mouth at Kipini to Mbalambala, north of Garissa, in 

Sabaot Translation

The Sabaot people live on or near the slopes of Mt. Elgon in Bungoma County. From an altitude of 5,000 feet the hills gradually rise to 14,000 feet, crisscrossed

Samburu Translation

The Samburu people are located in Samburu County. The Samburu got separated from the other Maa speakers due to the migration of the Maasai and other ethnic g

Suba Translation

The Suba people live on the islands and shores of Lake Victoria in Homabay County. A large number of those who have held to Suba language and culture are found 

Taveta Translation

The Taveta people are majorly found in Taveta ‘District’ of Taita-Taveta County in the Coastal region of Kenya. They speak a Bantu language known as Kitaveta 

Tharaka translation

The Tharaka people are found in Tharaka Nithi County where they occupy the low plains between the slopes of Mount Kenya in the west and upper Tana River in the east.


The translation of the Tugen Bible began in 2013. The Tugen are part of the Kalenjin community and are found in Baringo County. In accordance to the 2009

Waata translation

The Waata people are found in Tana River and Kilifi Counties. Due to their hunting and gathering lifestyle they prefer to live close to forested areas. However, their 

Rendille Translation

The Rendille numbering about 65,000 people are found in the northern part of Kenya, to the west of the Samburu community and east of the Borana community. 

Ogiek Translation

The Ogiek, also known as 'Okiek' are a Southern Nilotic language cluster of the Kalenjin family. They are mainly found in the Mau Forest in the Rift valley region of 

Kabaras Translation

This is a new project commencing in the year 2018 . The Kabras, or Kabarasi, are a tribe of Kenya numbering about 292,000 people. A good number of Kabaras

Sengwer Translation

The Sengwer community (nicknamed as Dorobo or Cherangany) are estimated to be about 60,000 people; they are an ethnic minority forest indigenous peoples 

Tachoni Translation

The Tachoni people of Kenya form part of the 18 subtribes of the larger Luyia community, occupying the western part of Kenya. They are mainly found in Bungoma 

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