Samburu Translation

The Samburu people are located in Samburu County. The Samburu got separated from the other Maa speakers due to the migration of the Maasai and other ethnic groups farther south. Samburu people were used by the colonial government in the military.

Sabaot Translation

The Sabaot people live on or near the slopes of Mt. Elgon in Bungoma County. From an altitude of 5,000 feet the hills gradually rise to 14,000 feet, crisscrossed by numerous mountain streams and spectacular waterfalls. An extinct volcano,

Lower Pokomo Translation

The Pokomo are an agricultural and fishing group who live in the flood plain of the Tana River from its mouth at Kipini to Mbalambala, north of Garissa, in Tana River County. Inhabiting the area since the 17th century, these people have learned...

Marakwet Translation

The Endo - Marakwet numbering 120,000 people are one of the many languages forming the Kalenjin group. Many of the Endo people live on the face of an escarpment above the valley floor. They practice subsistence farming...

Ilchamus Translation

Ilchamus inhabit the area south and east of Lake Baringo in Baringo County. They are also known as Njemps, Jemps and En- jemusi. They are in two clans: Lekepeo [inhabit northern part of the lake] and Melua [inhabit the southern part].

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